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August 24th, 2009

Great gig.

I don't post very often about gigs I've been to but I have to post about this one because it was pretty fab. I am now a fan. Went to Regents Park Open Air Theatre last night....which is a magical place in itself...what with all the twinkly lights and gently swaying trees in the balminess of a summers evening. First up was a funny quirky Australian singer name of Kate Millor Heideke who must have trained as an opera singer with that range......cause her voice was wonderful. She is one of the few singers that has impressed me with thier voice and made me laugh at the same time.

Then..... Alabama 3. I guess best known for thier Soprano's opening theme song. They are usually a techno/country and western type of band. Known for thier strange mix of music and thier crazy performances. On Sunday they paired it back from nine piece band to one guitar and harmonica and did mainly Mississippi blues.....fabulously.

Half the audience was wreaked...... and by the end were on thier feet dancing, to the consternation of security, who seemed a bit bemused that staid conservative Regents park had turned a tiny tiny bit crazy. It was FUN. So If you get a chance to see them be prepared for your toes to tap and to be later dancing in the isles...cause everyone else will be.

July 25th, 2009

            Damian Hirst's Saint Bartholemew, Exquisite Pain

Skinned alive: Saint Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain, by Damien Hirst.

So again this year..... as I do every year, I visited The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy.

Apart from a couple of prints and the architecture section, which was very sculptural and gorgeous this year with a hint of humour... I loved this.....well did I actually like it? Not sure. It was the only exhibit that I felt any emotion about....quite strong emotion. So I think the artist achieved his objective. When I saw this in silver...it was grotesque and beautiful all at once.

St Bartholomew was one of the twelve apostles who supposedly was skinned alive in Armenia. This silver sculpture has the figure holding a pair of scissors and a scalpel....with other surgical instruments on the table............suggesting he mutilated himself. The stuff of horror movies. Yet the beauty of the anatomy and the sculpture itself is.....exquisite and startling.

Hirst plays homage to Tim Burton's film Edward Sissorhands. ' I added the scissors because I thought Edward scissorhands was in a similarly tragic yet difficult position'. he said. 'It has a  feel of the rape of the innocents about it.'

So does art have to move us...to elicit some emotion? Or do we just have to think it's pretty?



June 21st, 2009

FUN in Capitals.


Haven't  been around much lately as I have been busy. Lots of changes in the air. Anyway....I bought this book whilst browsing in a strange little antique book shop near Euston which smelled of damp mould, cats piss, ancient books and poets long dead. This one is alive and well as far as I know and it was the newest book in the shop.

I thought  of a conversation I had recently with Me_Pirateship and thought she might find one of Valerie's poems amusing.........I did. *LOL*

S & M.

Met a cute guy all dressed in leather,
thought we could have some fun together,
But what I thought was a statement of fashion
Turned out to be the focus of his passion.
Now I'm all for having lashings of fun
But that S & M's not for everyone.
Don't get me wrong, I can take it,
But I got real pain, don't need to fake it.
Seems some folks just love to suffer,
Boy meets girl, and wants to handcuff her.
I said to him, this'd be flogging a dead horse.
He said, 'Yes please, my place or yours?'
I said, I may be strange, but I like pleasure.
He said, between that and pain is hard to measure,
It's a real fine line, a real close call.
I said for me, that line's like the Berlin wall.
Set even one foot on no man's land,
I'll knock you down right where you stand.
You've as much hope of touching me with a flogger
As I have of becoming a marathon jogger.
I was still thinking there might be some common ground,
Where we could play around,
Get on down, but then I found he had a piercing,
Down there!
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, ladies,
You know how you often loose an earring!
If I say I want  a stud in me,
I don't mean it literally!
It may be his lucky charm,
But I don't want to set off the metal alarm
When I fly I'd just die of shame.
If that's what the real Prince Albert used,
No wonder the queen was not amused.
No, man, I'll show you the meaning of pain,
If you come near me with that tomfoolery,
I don't go in for genital jewellery.
If you really want something to turn you shivery,
You should try having a forcepts delivery;
It'd make even a masochist nervous,
When the doc comes at you with steel salad servers.
Pain's not for me, with that,; I made tracks,
After all I was late for my bikini line wax.

*ROFL*  Ok........I'm sticking to a neat trim on my next visit to the spa. http://my-pubic-hair.blogspot.com/2007/08/female-pubic-hair-pictures_01.html

June 4th, 2009

(no subject)

Ive been on my fair share of Hen nights...and apart from enjoyment, I've never really understood them. I don't 'get' hen or stag nights. Ok...it's a celebration of a rite of passage...I 'get' that. But what else is it? *puzzled* I suggested to someone recently that she could arrange her own then she would get what she wanted and invite who she wanted. Apparently that is NOT the done thing. *LOL* Each nationality seems to have it's own customs around this tradition....none of which I 'get' *LOL* It seems to be a tradition in Britain for women to either do this
or this
Or go for a weekend abroad somewhere and do all three...and sometime have sex with all and sundry.
Traditional stag nights seem to go http://www.stagsandhens.com/stag-party-ideas.php for the action man stuff (why don't hen parties do this?) and throw in lots of booze too... So all these things can be done at anytime......why are they done with SUCH intensity and abandon when the occassion is a stag/hen night?
In the UK, Ireland and Canada referred to as a stag party, stag night, stag do, or a bucks party in Australia and bachelor party in America is a party held for the single man just before he enters marriage bliss with his future wife. It is a celebration in the groom’s honour, although it may not seem like it at the time, and is sometimes known as his last night of freedom to answer the call of the wild and get up to activities which his future wife may not approve of.
It is an opportunity to gather together a group of people who have had some influence or connection with the grooms rite of passage to manhood. This can be childhood friends, schools friends, student years, family, work colleagues and sport team associates. It can often be the last opportunity to get this grouping of people together before the Groom and his peers take on more responsible adult marital roles. This is not just you average night for drinking in the pub or bar. It has a tradition and mystique associated with it involving pranks, tricks and lots of drinking usually at the groom’s expense. It often has a risqué element such as strippers or being stripped and tied to lampposts in the dead of night. They have an image of being rowdy and boisterous
The consensus seems to be that it was originally called the bachelor dinner, or stag party. Like many other wedding traditions, the custom seems to extend back into ancient history. Evidence suggests it first came about in the fifth century, in Sparta, where military comrades would feast and toast one another on the eve of a friend’s wedding. There he would say goodbye to the carefree days of bachelorhood and swear continued allegiance to his comrades.

There's another stag connection with odd male rituals - even possibly ones that involve willingly drinking alcohol to excess and regurgitative quantities, soliciting the favours of ladies who are prepared happily to remove all their clothing for the appropriate fee, and then being left naked chained to a lamp-post somewhere. The Horned God referred to in both Celtic and early English mythology was a symbol of all things male - the Celts called him Cernunnos. Legend from these times is often confused, but it seems clear that in pre-Christian times, Brits definitely worshipped a large hairy god who sported antlers, ran around with the Einheriar, or wild hunt, and who probably belched at inappropriate times, never bothered putting the toilet seat back down, and who stayed out far too late without ever phoning home to warn anyone. These are things you will have to get used to.

I'm getting the uncomfortable feeling that many couples look on thier stag/hen night as the end of 'freedom' and good times. Sad.

Am I one of the few who doesn't 'get' it? What do you think is the reason for these over the top parties. And why not just have an over the top party? *LOL*
Is this a stag night or a hen night gone wrong? *LOL* A lesson to be learned here?

May 7th, 2009

No need to panic.

I thought this was very sad, funny and very crazy. *LOL* Plus, it's a fine piece of PR for the Mujahideen. (cause I can't stand crulty to animals.)

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's only known pig has been locked in a room, away from visitors to Kabul zoo where it normally grazes beside deer and goats, because people are worried it could infect them with the virus popularly known as swine flu.

The pig is a curiosity in Muslim Afghanistan, where pork and pig products are illegal because they are considered irreligious, and has been in quarantine since Sunday after visitors expressed alarm it could spread the new flu strain.

"For now the pig is under quarantine, we built it a room because of swine influenza," Aziz Gul Saqib, director of Kabul Zoo, told Reuters. "We've done this because people are worried about getting the flu."

Worldwide, more than 1,000 people have been infected with the virus, according to the World Health Organization, which also says 26 people have so far died from the strain. All but one of the deaths were in Mexico, the epicenter of the outbreak.

There are no pig farms in Afghanistan and no direct civilian flights between Kabul and Mexico.

"We understand that, but most people don't have enough knowledge. When they see the pig in the cage they get worried and think that they could get ill," Saqib said.

The pig was a gift to the zoo from China, which itself quarantined some 70 Mexicans, 26 Canadians and four Americans in the past week, but later released them.

Some visitors were not concerned about the fate of the pig and said locking it away was probably for the best.

"Influenza is quite contagious and if it passes between people and animals then there's no need for the pig to be here," zoo visitor Farzana said.

Shabby and rundown, Kabul Zoo is a far cry from zoos in the developed world, but has nevertheless come a long way since it suffered on the front line of Afghanistan's 1992-4 civil war.

Mujahideen fighters then ate the deer and rabbits and shot dead the zoo's sole elephant. Shells shattered the aquarium.

One fighter climbed into the lion enclosure but was immediately killed by Marjan, the zoo's most famous inhabitant. The man's brother returned the next day and lobbed a hand grenade at the lion leaving him toothless and blind.

The zoo now holds two lions who replaced Marjan who died of old age in 2002 as well as endangered local leopards. In all, it houses 42 species of birds and mammals and 36 types of fish and attracts up to 10,000 visitors on weekends.

(Reporting by Golnar Motevalli; Editing by Jon Hemming)

May 4th, 2009


Okey Dokey......here we go.
Did that work? And I don't have pics of Brighton or my aunty Susies wedding?. *fingers crossed*


May 3rd, 2009


So one night in Granada Me Pirateship,S. and I we went to a flamenco show in the gitano quarter of Granada. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gitano Althogh a touch touristy...it WAS the real thing...though only four of the eight dancers were actually good dancers. The closest I can get to it to give you an idea of the sound, energy and feel to it is this:

As you can see Flamenco is a very passionate dance with a sexual energy to it that was fairly lost on the audience we were with. Cortes says it here pretty good I think. :-)))
I had a chance to see Joaquin Cortes in London about six years ago and I remember saying I wasn't 'interested' *LOL* How stupid was I? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joaqu%C3%ADn_Cort%C3%A9s

Another pic...cause I have failed dismally on my attempt at a slide show. Oh well.

April 26th, 2009


Hmmm.....I'm full of intentions on posting about my fab holiday in Andalusia with Me_pirateship and her husband S. But I seem to need a little lie down *LOL* Been to a cocktail garden party at a friends who lives just round the corner from me and whilst there I think I iether didn't eat enough before going..... or the Mohito's were rather stronger than I intended. Spanish artist Carlos (boyfriend of dancer what's her name) taught me how to make the perfect mohito and gay landscape garden designer (did he have a name?) helped me to drink them. But I'm ok...... because I don't suffer from hangovers...though I'm preparing for one as I don't believe myself.

But....back to Spain....yes, we had a wonderful week in a lovely villa, albeit a freezing swimming pool. Drove round Andalusia...thank you S. for doing most of the driving....and really enjoyed the gorgeous countryside and great company of pirate and S. Thank you both for a fab holiday. *HUGS* No way can I figure out how to link flickr and live journal at present so be happy with this tiny taster.

Ronda up in the mountains....and it WAS cold...but stunningly beautiful.

March 19th, 2009

(no subject)

Yep.... I'm a sci-fi geek, for I have tickets for a 'Blade Runner' day at the British Film Institute on Saturday. I LOOOOVED this film noir detective sci-fi, which was the forerunner of many many sci-fi films. I was a mere slip of a girl when I saw it 25....yes 25 years ago. And I cried into my popcorn at this particular scene. I think it must be one of the most poignant scenes in cinema history. I fell in love with Harrison Ford of course.....and I've followed Ridley Scott's work ever since. Both he and Rutger Hauer will be there for the question /answer bit and I'm really looking forward to the film and the day as I have very fond memories of this time in my life. I was a very different person then.... and this time is long gone.....but it's nice to remember.

March 13th, 2009

(no subject)

Ok, perhaps I'm just not very aware of things like this...but WOW.....it suddenly and recently came to my attention that instead of paying for hotels or apartments etc to go on various holidays.....why don't I just SWAP apartments with someone else who'd like to come on holiday to London!!! Duh.....how long did it take me to think of this? *LOL* A colleague told me today she'd just come back from Copenhagen and I asked her about hotels. 'Oh no' she said 'we swapped houses with a lovely family..and cars...and dogs' *LOL* A light bulb moment. *Flash, Flash.... and Flash*

So my summer holiday will be a swap. Don't know where, don't know when or who with, but this will open up new possibilities. I'm joining the website and arranging it as I type this. *LOL*

On a different note....Here is a guy whose music I seem to be a touch keen on.... and you can rest assured I will be in the front row of his next concert. *LOL*

I have been meaning to (and will) write reviews of concerts and.....(particularly Robyn Hitchcock's, for Pirate) various...Mmmm.......stuff........but I just never seem to have enough of that other stuff.........time.
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